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It is entitled , which is inspired from the role he takes on as he matures into a fine young man ♪ Hope starts off as a naive and rebellious teenager who falls into despair when he loses a loved one during the Purge. Fighting alongside Lightning brings him back on the right path, and he eventually becomes a symbol of hope for the people. He dedicates his life towards researching ways to save humanity, and I like to think of Hope as the guardian of the future ☆

Version 1 A New World features our hero as he dreamily gazes off into the distance ☆ While I adored the little Hope from the first game, it wasn't until he aged into a handsome and intelligent young man in that I fell completely in love with him ♥ Therefore the layout had to feature older!Hope X3 I wanted a design that would live up to his image as a symbol of hope so I made it serene and peaceful.


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