Welcome to the fanlisting for Hope Estheim from the Japanese RPG trilogy Final Fantasy XIII by . His story begins at the age of 14 when he is swept up in the Purge while on vacation. He loses a loved one in the ensuing battle and directs his hatred towards the man she saved. Hope joins up with former soldier Lightning to become stronger, but she instead teaches him to fight to protect people.

Over the next decade, he matures into a young adult and becomes the director of the Academy, tasked with rebuilding Cocoon and saving humanity. Dedicated to his work and loved by everyone, he becomes a symbol of hope for the people. He eventually partners up with Lightning again, this time tasked with saving as many souls as they can before the end of the world. While he is initially seen as a burden to his comrades, Hope grows up into a courageous young man who can be counted on to save the future ♪


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